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I’m interviewed on local access middle school TV

So in January I was in Munich, being interviewed by Arianna Huffington.

This month, I was interviewed on KMTV Winter Middle School Camp. (My nephew was in the camp, and invited me to be interviewed.)

It was fun. You can watch it in the embed above; my interview starts at 33:40. Or watch it on YouTube.

Just remember: there’s no such thing as a small media request.

Talking about “The Importance of Rest” on RadioWest

From my appearance on "West Coast Live" at Berkeley Freight & Salvage

My interview with Doug Fabrizio on The Importance of Rest | RadioWest is now up on the KUER Web site. Doug was a fabulous interviewer, so it’s a particularly good conversation.

For most of us, overwork is the new normal and rest is an afterthought. But the scholar Alex Soojung-Kim Pang says that by dismissing the importance of rest in our lives we stifle our ability to think creatively and truly recharge. Pang will join us to talk about his new book that examines why long walks, afternoon naps, vigorous exercise, and “deep play” stimulate creative work and sustain creative lives.

On Inside Mastery

I’m a guest on this week’s Inside Mastery podcast, talking with host Martin Soorjoo about REST,  performance, and productivity. You can listen on Soundcloud, or iTunes.

This picture of me on the Inside Mastery Web page is a bit goofy (it’s from an event I did in Los Angeles a few years ago), but the conversation was fun and informative.

And Martin gets some very interesting guests– Two Awesome Hours author Josh Davis, and Sleep author Nick Littlehales, both of whom are really smart, were on earlier episodes– so it’s well worth subscribing to the podcast.

REST in Red Bulletin magazine; or, beaten by Metallica in four languages

Red Bulletin March 2017

Red Bulletin, the magazine published by energy drink company Red Bull, has an interview with me about Rest. The magazine is better-known for running pieces about extreme sports, rock musicians, sports cars, and the like; but I guess they recognize that ice climbing after driving your Aston Martin from the rock concert can get tiring.
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Embodied cognition and Rest

Recently I talked with Dutch company Made4Motion founder Sanne Clifford about rest, how we think about busyness, and the role that physical movement plays in stimulating creativity.


The latter is a really interesting subject.

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Because we “treat overwork as a badge of honour… we have forgotten the importance of rest”

When I was in London in November, I had a number of interviews with reporters who had agreed to do magazine pieces about REST. The Evening Standard article was the first to come out, and today I saw that the Express‘ Sunday magazine ran “The best ways of resting:”

If someone sighs and tells you they are far too busy to deal with you at the moment, the chances are they are not so much apologising as quietly boasting about their hectic work schedule.
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“Je brein werkt door als je bewust rust:” I don’t know what it means, but apparently I said it


An article about REST is out in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad. It quotes me as saying “Je brein werkt door als je bewust rust.” It might also be a warning. Or a joke.

I can’t tell. I don’t speak Dutch, so I have no idea.
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My DLD17 session with Arianna Huffington is now online

My session on Rest (or as it was called in the program, REST!!!) at DLD17 is now up online. Arianna Huffington and I talk about deliberate rest, multitasking, and more.

Or, to put it another way, Arianna is onstage, and I happen to be there too. Still hard for me to process.

The audio doesn’t sync up perfectly (at least in the 15 times I’ve watched and reloaded it!), but otherwise, hey. It’s cool.

Not to sound too much like a fanboy, but it was fabulous to spend time with her. She’s really nice in person, and was as generous with her time at the conference as she was in her New York Times review and Lifehacker shout-out. I met a lot of people who I wouldn’t have otherwise, which is always a good moment at a conference.

And DLD is an extraordinary event. It’s one of the few conferences I’ve been to where I can genuinely say everyone was interesting, and I never felt like I had to disentangle myself from a conversation that felt like it was going nowhere with someone I didn’t want to be around. For someone who has to make a conscious effort at small talk, this is a huge thing, and something I really appreciated about the conference.

Not to mention the fact that Munich is wonderful, and the venue was awesome (despite being a confusing Inception-style combination of three different buildings joined together by a series of catwalks and open spaces designed by M. C. Escher).

“The Value Of Rest As Restorative” on Jefferson Public Radio

I recently spent an hour with Jefferson Public Radio, which serves southern Oregon and northernmost California, talking about “The Value Of Rest As Restorative.”

The deadline is bearing down, and you need to produce something to keep the boss, the spouse, or yourself happy.

So step BACK.


It is counter-intuitive, but Alex Soojung-Kim Pang is not the first person to suggest that you’re more productive when you’re better-rested.

Yesterday while I was doing the NPR Marketplace interview, it struck me that even in the three years since my last book came out, there’s been a change in the availability of radio shows.

Recording an interview for NPR's "Marketplace."

Programs used to be ephemeral: you were on, it broadcast, and then it was in the past. This meant that if you had a terrible show, you could write it off and move on. Today, though, radio shows are like TV or movies: if you miss the first broadcast, you can just wait for the online version.

Which is great in one sense, because it means people can always hear you; but on the other hand, it raises the sakes for every performance.

Just relax (with me and David Brancaccio)

I’m on NPR’s Marketplace today. David Brancaccio and I talk about overwork, busyness, and Rest. They’ve put the longer interview, with only light edits, up online; the broadcast version will be about two minutes long.

It sounds like I’m right in the studio with David, but actually they sent a sound engineer out to my house, and so I spoke to David on the phone, and recorded my side of the conversation through a studio mic; she then uploaded the interview, and engineers at Marketplace studios synced them together.

Recording an interview for NPR's "Marketplace."

It was a fun experience (radio interviews are an art), and it’s always interesting to see where interviewers decide to take a conversation.

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