Scenes from Bentonville

This blog dates from 2011, when I started my fellowship at Microsoft Research Cambridge; since then, it’s been one of the places I’ve documented my thinking behind two books, announced media appearances, and done other things.

With the publication of my latest book coming up, though, I’m winding down this blog as an active concern. I’ve started a new consulting company, Strategy + Rest, and as part of the online presence, I’ve migrated some of the content from this blog over to that site, and will be posting over there from now on. I’ve also posted more information there about the new venture, my talks, workshops, and  consulting.

I’ll maintain the same presence on Twitter and Instagram, where I’m @askpang, and on LinkedIn. I may at some point redirect traffic from here to the new site, but for now I’m just leaving it as it is.

Neon and night in Bentonville