When I was over in London in November, one of the journalists who interviewed me was the Evening Standard’s Katie Law. Her article came out a few days ago, with the wonderful lede, “Never miss a daily nap or finish your sentences,” which is just…

Well, anyway.

More recently, it seems a translated and abridged version came out in the Polish Express. At least I think it’s the same article, since both articles use the same picture of a woman leaning back against her desk:

When I was promoting my last book, The Distraction Addiction, I discovered that a short article could boomerang from publication to publication, and get translated into a languages. Maybe the same thing will happen to this one, and I’ll be discovering new versions of it for the next few months. (I’ve already seen an article that started off in PBS’ Next Avenue get reposted in Forbes and MarketWatch, thanks to Next Avenue’s aggressive syndication deals. Good for them!)